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Day to day activities

Every day 133 varieties of fresh fish

Schmidt Seafood current activities
On t20060213_shopnight_001his page you will find some more information on what Schmidt can do for you.

    • Schmidt is the Number one supplier of the highest quality restaurants in the Netherlands, several Michelin star awarded restaurants serve our fish and seafood
    • Famous for quality and service

Apart from these activities we also:

    • Supply the finest hotels and restaurants
    • Perform wholesale
    • Supply Cruise shipping companies, both on sea and river
    • Service export and import of 133 varieties of fresh fish
    • Own our own smoking “factory” for amongst others salmon and eel
    • Run the most beautiful fish store in the Netherlands


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Visitors of all ages come to our lunchcorner to enjoy the taste of our high qulity products.

Like on this picture where you see some young people enjoying the taste of our fresh oysters

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