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Royal Schmidt Seafood - ShippingShip deliveries

Schmidt seafood is situated in the center of the “scheepvaartkwartier”. Quite soon after being founded in 1908 Schmidt seafood started delivering fish to sea ships. Because of our long term experience we are capable of delivering just the kind of seafood ship crews desire. Some of the things we deliver are for instance:

                    • milkfish,
                    • tilapia,
                    • horse mackerel,
                    • kingfish,
                    • grouper,
                    • various kinds of squid and
                    • different types shrimps.

This is just a small sample of the seafood we can provide you with. Orders will be carried out by Local shipchandlers. Schmidt seafood delivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We would not want to keep your ship waiting.

Royal Schmidt Seafood - ImportImport

Schmidt seafood imports products from all over the world. Exquisite products such as:

                    • Iranian Caviar,
                    • Norwegian dry salted cod,
                    • Various kinds of Asian shrimps.

Apart from that we buy our fresh fish through all major auctions throughout Europe. Our shellfish is imported form the costs of Bretagne an the Mediterranean.


Royal Schmidt Seafood - ExportExport
To facilitate our foreign customers we have a special department which takes care of exporting our fresh seafood. They will ensure to it that your products will be well packaged and accompanied with the right paperwork for customs and we will also take care of the necessary health certificates before being transported. Amongst out customers are well known cruise lines and international wholesale stores.

Do you want to surprise one of your relations? How about giving them a real traditional Dutch gift? We are able to deliver “Hollandse Nieuwe” with Corenwijn. (Dutch Herring with a special kind of Jenever).

Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam is officially FDA certified. This certificate enables Schmidt to export products to the United States of America. Click for an enlargement of our certificate.

For more information or other certificates contact the relevant department.

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